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- Hens Nights are Our Speciality -

Hen's Knights provides Adult Male Entertainment to Hens throughout New Zealand
including the major cities Auckland, Christchurch and Wellington!

A Hen's night can always use a Knight in shining armour... especially when there is no armour!

More about Hen's Knights...

At Hen's Knights New Zealand we specialise in Male Strippers, Life drawing Models and Topless Waiters, particularly for Hens Parties, Bachelorette Parties, Divorce Parties and Girls Nights In or Girls Nights Out.

We started in 2009 over the pond in Oz and have built a great reputation for trustworthyness and integrity, which is not easy to find in this business, so be sure to hire your topless barman, buff butler or male stripper through us as they will be by far the best, most reliable and conscientious around - and our boys will actually show up! A special occasion with one of our Nude Life Drawing male models, striptease artists or shirtless waiters is a hard and fast tradition that you cannot and should not break! All Brides say they don't want a stripper or any male entertainment but you as the Maid of Honour need to realise that she wants you to read her mind - she absolutely definitely wants to have some form of Male Entertainment but cannot be 'seen' to be wanting any! Trust us on this - it happens all the time, she will tell you she wants no strippers and then on the night when she doesn't get one you will have one unhappy Hen!!! Get her a Stripper, Nude model to draw or a Topless Barman or you will be sorry!

Many girls are finding all manner of excuses to have Male Entertainment in New Zealand these days such as for their Bridal Showers, Divorce Parties and even Baby Showers! Book one of our Adult Male Entertainers to spice up any event - more and more girls are booking male strippers and hens party waiters even for these traditionally more tame events - you've got to create some fun memories greater than everyone just sitting around on the couch drinking tea!!!!

So just to recap... our Hens Life Drawing Classes are a blast, our topless waiters are extremely dependable and diligent and our Men Strippers can perform fabulous costume strips from Harry Potter to Cop and everything you can think of in between!

We are full of great Hens Night Ideas so make sure you check out the rest of the site, give us a buzz or drop us a line!

We have Male Strippers, Lifedrawing Models and Topless Waiters in Auckland, Christchurch, and Wellington so we should be able to help make your night a total triumph wherever you may be!

And be sure to check out our very competitive prices - Hen's Knights has some of the best rates in town!

E-mail us now for more info at info@hensknights.co.nz

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