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Terms & Conditions


Don't worry! There aren't many, but they are important...

  • Specifying Your Waiter...

    The ability to choose your Topless Waiter, Lifedrawing Model, or Stripper is a bonus that we offer. However, with any human business there is always the possibility that the guy you choose to be your Topless Waiter, Lifedrawing Model, or Stripper is indisposed on the night due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or injury.
    We will guarantee that if in the unlikely event that such a thing should occur, we will call you and give you the option of either choosing another Knight or your deposit back, plus you would not be sent anyone that is not on the site unless you agree. If we cannot reach you in time we will replace the indisposed Knight at our discretion so that you are not left without a Knight. If once your replacement arrives you are not happy with our selection you may turn him away without paying, however if you decide to continue with the booking please do not expect a refund! All the lads are chosen for personality as well as the obvious lol, and as such we are confident that you will be happy with any of our Knights!
  • Refunds...

    In the extremely unlikely event of your Topless Waiter, Model or Stripper not attending your function due to an unforeseen and unavoidable circumstance immediately preceding your event such as illness, breakdown or accident that results in Hen's Knights being unable to provide a replacement at short notice that you are happy with, you will be entitled to a full refund of your deposit (you must turn the replacement away to be able to claim a refund). If you have booked more than one Knight your refund will only be the portion of your deposit that relates to the Knight or Knights that did not show.
    All our lads are independent contractors and as such Hen's Knights cannot be held responsible if your Topless Waiter, Model or Stripper simply does not show. However, in this unlikely event Hen's Knights will do everything within reason to get someone else to your event. If we are unsuccessful you will be entitled to a full refund of your deposit. Beyond the refund of your deposit, Hen's Knights will have no further liability to you.

    If you have paid your deposit, your booking is considered a confirmed booking. If you decide to cancel your booking for any reason after paying your deposit, you will forfeit your deposit. However if we need to cancel your booking for any reason you will receive a full refund of your deposit.

    If when a performer arrives and you believe that he doesn't look enough like his photos or you simply don't like something about him or he is late - turn him away and we will refund your deposit for that Knight. However, if you decide to proceed with the performance please do not expect a refund!
  • Changes to Bookings...

    IMPORTANT: Once your deposit is paid, ANY changes to your booking will result in forfeiture of the deposit paid for the portion of the booking altered. For example: You book a Lifedrawing class for 2 hours and wish to downgrade it to a Topless Waiter for 2 hours - you lose your deposit. You book 2 topless waiters and closer to the date you only want 1 - you lose your deposit. You book for 3pm and want to change the time to 7pm - you lose your deposit. You lose your deposit because from the moment you pay your deposit we book your Knights and they turn away other work and miss out if you cancel them or alter the time or location such that they need to be replaced. There are circumstances where we can make a time or location change and the same Knight originally booked is still able to to do the job - in this case you may not lose your deposit but it will be at our discretion. Please do not make a booking until you are certain of your date, time, location and service needed!
  • Travel Outside the CBD...

    Most of our lads live in and around the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch CBD's. If your function is located outside the CBD, there may be an extra charge for travel. This will be dealt with at the time of booking and will be calculated on a case by case basis. A guide to travel cost is $1 per kilometre from the CBD of your city to your location.
  • Performer Arrival Times...

    Strippers are heavily booked out on Fridays and Saturdays, therefore please note that the time you book will always be approximate. For Strip shows please have the performer fee ready for collection prior to the commencement of the performance.
  • Lifedrawing Bookings at OUR Venue

    For bookings at our venues the final number of guests provided to us a week prior to the event will be the minimum number of guests charged for even if a lower number of guests turn up on the day of the function.
  • Your Clothing/Carpet etc.

    It is well known that Strippers wear fake tan, use oil and often whipped cream in their shows! If you don't want it on your clothes - stay away from the strippers!! If you don't want it on your carpet be sure to have them perform somewhere that this isn't a danger.


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Stanton Fox Productions Pty Ltd T/A Hen's Knights
ACN: 144 835 012

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